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Nominated for the Liebster blog Award!

Hi guys,
As most of you know, I just started this blog not so long ago. And I was really honored to see that Avanti from nominated me for the Liebster blog Award! This award is for new bloggers who have less then 200 followers and deserve to gain some more.

The rules of the award:
So here's how this works. 

1. Tell 11 things about yourself;
2. Answer 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you;
3. Post 11 questions for those you're going to nominate to get to know them better;
4. Nominate 11 bloggers who have less then 200 followers and who you think deserve more;
5. Let the 11 nominees know they are nominated on their blogs.
 I just love this Award!

11 things about me:
1. I'm 22 years old  :)
2. I'm almost graduating from the university to become a teacher for children with special educational needs.
3. I love chocolate!!!
4. I play the piano  and have played it since I was six years old :)
5. I spend a lot of time searching books on goodreads, loving goodreads.
6. I love scrap-booking --> making photo-albums or cards etc.
7. I'm a fan of all the Harry Potter books and movies.
8. I didn't read for fun at all the last couple of years :O I know, it's a shame..
9. I'm a soccer-fan of AJAX,  fan of Gregory van der Wiel for a looong time.
10. I would love to become an autism specialist for young children
11. I live in Amsterdam, Netherlands :)

11 questions from Avanti
1. What are you currently reading & why did you choose that book?
I just started to read  Fifty shades of grey by E.L.James. I wasn't interested in this book for a long time, but when my friends all started to read it, I couldn't be the ONLY one who hasn't. And I really want to know where the hype is all about.

2. Why do you love reading so much?
I like the feeling I get when I get sucked into a story and the 'real world' disappears. It makes me feel a bit like being in the story myself, looking in from the outside. 

3. Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging because I wanted to share my thoughts about the books I read. I really like the book community and the kind ways we all communicate with each other. It's such a nice platform to talk about books :)

4. If you could be any character for a day, who would it be?
Oh, that's a hard question. I think I would love to live in the magical world of Harry Potter. I guess I would like to be any character, just to walk into the castle and do all the things they get to experience, that would be so nice!! Maybe I want to be Hermione, because she rocks :)

5. When you finish a book do you keep it or pass it on?
Most of the time I keep a book, but if I really like it, I try to convince my friends to read it as well, and I have no problem with lending a book to one of my friends. In fact, when I read the Hunger Games, I told EVERYONE  who listened to me they needed to read the book and they could borrow it from me.

6.Favorite movie & why? favorite movie.. I think I can't just pick one.. I thought the Hunger games movie was really good, I love all the Harry Potter movies( obviously) and I also love the Lord of the ring movies. I guess it's okay if I say all of those? The hunger games movie stayed really close to the book and I loved the feeling of the film. The Harry Potter movies, well, do I need to explain why? It's this wonderful, magical world and I love fantasy. The same arguments goes for the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Love the fantasy!

7. Favorite book to movie adaptation?
It's gotta be the Hunger games adaptations, probably because I watched it recently so it's still fresh in my memory. 

8. What type of music do you like?
I like R & B, soul and house music. So a little bit of everything. I like artists as Alicia keys, Wil I am,  Enrique Iglesias, Jesse J and more I can not think of right now.

9. Where's your favorite place to read?
I love to read in bed, in the morning or in the evening. Nice and warm, with my little nightlight on and my cat sleeping next to me :)

10. Favorite hobby besides reading?
I love to draw, play the piano, watch tv series or movies and dining with friends.

11. If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go?
I would love to see more of the world. Right now I only visited counties in Europe, but I would definitely  want to visit the US someday. I also love to visit somewhere tropical like Hawaii.

11 questions for the nominated blogs:
1. When did you start blogging & why?
2. What's your favorite book ever?
3. Do you study or work & what kind of study/work do you do?
4. Do you have any brothers or sisters?
5. How may books do you estimate you own?
6. Do you always buy books or do you go to the library or borrow from a friend?
7. Where's your favorite place to read?
8. What book are you reading right now & why did you choose this one?
9. Do you prefer series or stand alone books?
10. Favorite hobby besides reading?
11. Favorite book to movie adaptation?

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